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                                    Hitchhiking to Haines - Yukon '07

On my way to Mount Logan

2006 I spend in Ireland. Great time, working, learning, and having fun. Many things changed for me. At beginning of 2007 I went to Vancouver. I was planning to climb the highest mountain in Canada - Mount Logan. I bought all necessary equipment, I was training for that, and finally I was there...

January and February I spend in Vancouver and around (Garibaldi park). I watched all Vancouver international mountain movie film festival (where my movie from Alaska won second prize), I was working in renovation couple weeks and finally, at the end of February I found myself in Whitehorse in Yukon territory. I hitchhiked to silver city near Kluane Lake and I started my winter climbing expedition from there. With sled and one month food on it I went by myself to Slims River valle where was beginning of my 140 km route to the bottom of Mount Logan. I was planning to climb on East Ridge. On second day I was at the end of Slims River valley and at the beginning of glacier. But the weather broke, was very cold (-40 ) and windy, and fog and snowing sometimes, so I spend next couple days in the same place, leaving my tent only for small trips around. One day after 12 o'clock weather was very good so I decided to climb Volcano mountain. I didn't get to the top because of very strong wind on the ridge. So I ski down. And on my way back to tent my Silveretta pure bindings broke (probably because of cold because bindings were made from some kind of strong light plastic, fuck, piece of shit.) I used some rope to tight my foot to the ski and I get back to tent somehow. It took me 2 days to get back to Alaska Highway. I didn't climb mount Logan, I didn't even get there.

So I hitchhiked back to Haines Junction and from there to Haines in Alaska. From there I took a ferry to Ketchican and later to Prince Rupert. And I hitchhiked again from there with all my equipment back to Vancouver. I work again a little and I get back to Poland for five days, and for one week to Ireland to visit my girlfriend there in Galway. We went for couple days hike on Arran Islands and Conemara mountains. After that I flew to St. Maarten in Carribean (via New York and San Juan). I start my next job as a engineer on 112 ft sailing super yacht. After on week in Antigua we had a delivery to Newport RI. We stopped in Bermuda for couple day and at the beginning of may we get to Newport. There I get e-mail from my girlfriend that she is pregnant. So we spend one month in Newport shipyard and we get back to Bermuda. From there I flew back to Ireland. And here I am...In Galway at present, looking for job and drinking Guinness.

                                    Swan 112'