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        After my third year at Maritime University in Gdynia, I had a half year break, for sea practice. I found this job through internet. At 23 of February I flew to Bridgetown (Barbados island on Caribbean Sea). There I started my work on the biggest sailing ship on the world - Royal Clipper. More about this company on the website www.starclippers.com

        I worked there as a motorman (4 hours in night and 4 in day). Behind my work I had time for tour the world. I was on board 6 months (3 months on Caribbean Sea and 3 on Mediterranean Sea). Now I am back, on fifth (last) year in my school.

Tonnage: 5,000
Length: 439 feet
Beam: 54 feet
Draft: 18.5 feet
Sail area:56,000 square feet
Mast height: 197 feet
Number of crew:106
Passenger capacity:227
Masts:5 masts, 42 sails

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