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          NY to Alaska
         15 of March Rozmiar: 10640 bajtów I flew in to JFK airport in NY. Then I ride my bicycle with my climbing gear, 3 days. On fourth day I left my bicycle because I had some problems (money, knee, temperature, private properties everywhere). From some small town Pine Island I started hitch-hike to Alaska. First was amazing Dan who gave me a lift to Chicago. Thanks Dan - You are beginning of these troubles. Then were many, many drivers, Easter in Montana with cowboy Jaime and after two weeks I was in Canada. Lather was famous Alaska Highway, which I crossed with Dennis. So, on the beginning of April I was in Alaska. Is still winter here, a lot of snow and "aurora borealis".
         In Talkeetna I meet Jok. He is a pilot. I help him with his amazing house, and prepared for my climbing adventure.
         1st of May, I and Jok are flaying to Wonder Lake. First people will be here on the beginning of June. My sled is very heavy, I have food for next 3 weeks, 2 photo cameras, couple lenses and move camera. On the beginning of my trip, I have to cross 20 miles of tundra and cross 2 rivers with very cold water. It took me 4 days. It was very tuff part. Then McGonagall Pass and I am on the Muldrow Glacier. First part is without crevasses but above Lover Icefall is very dangerous. To prevent crevasse fall I can only speak with glacier and squeeze my ice axe. Leather was Great Icefall, I spend one day to find the way through it. So, on all my glacier climbing I fall to the crevasse twice, but only by legs.
         On the head Rozmiar: 4782 bajtówof Muldrow Glacier I fell better. Some people told me that is suicide to do this solo, but I am still alive. Next part is Kirsten's Ridge. Sometimes very hard ice, sometimes very steep, and one day of storm. Except this, I hade to climbed this twice, because of my gear and food. So I spent next 4 days on the ridge.
         14,000 feet, Harper Glacier. End of good weather. Wind starts blowing every time. On second day, snow wall (made by me) fall down on my tent (I was inside ) and he broke my tent poles. Next day I could not find a place to camp. Wind was to strong and snow was so hard. So I spend night in tent but without poles. Next day I could not cook anything. Without food and water, after 8 hours I reach Denali Pass. It was the windiest place. I couldn't change my snowshoes for crampons, I couldn't breath. Then I decided descent to 17,200 ft. camp.
         3 days before me two twin brothers died here, I had some troubles to. My sled drop into crevasse, I jumped over. I got lucky and I pull sled from crevasse.
         Nobody was in 17,200 ft. camp. First thing what I did- food and drink, put a tent and take a rest.
         Next day I felt like death, I had very strong headache. I didn't have power to do some tea for me. My medicine didn't work, so I decide to smoke some weed. I played some music and It helped me.
         It was my 15'th day of travel, I didn't see anybody on my way since beginning. And it was special day. Rozmiar: 5327 bajtów15'th of May - my first wedding anniversary.
         The weather on 17,200 camp was bed, cloudy and windy, but on 16'th day of my expedition I sow first man. He looks like a man on the moon. It was strange to hear my voice. Later first ranger came, so I told him that I am still alive (because I didn't take a radio with me, so nobody knew what was with me, only some pilots saw me during his scenic flights week ago).
         I climb the summit at 18 of May. I was alone on the summit, and very exhausted. My food was finished, but other climbers from West Butters route, gave me some. In next 2 days I descent to Base Camp. One day I was waiting for a plane, and finally 22 of May I came back to Talkeetna. Place where I hitch-hike from New York in April.
          Talkeetna, Denali park, Bristol Bay, Katmai NP. and home.
         So after my first solo Denali travers I decide to hang out a little and then I visit Denali NP and I was hiking for one week. Then I was on the "blue grass" festival. On the end of June I went with Piter to Pilot Point (Bristol Bay) where we were fishing 3 weeks. Salmon is delicious fish...
         After that, Rozmiar: 4400 bajtów I came back to Talkeetna, I visited one more "blue grass" festival, and I started hitch-hike back to NY. All Canada I drove with another Dennis, but I was driving his car, because he didn't have a driving license. So when I get to Washington state I decided to visit Olympic NP. I hike there one week and I hitch-hiked down to California. I stayed there couple days, I meet some young people and we hang out together. So, instead of hitch-hike all states back to NY, I took a train from San Francisco to NY, and it was very good step. This ride thought deserts and Rocky Mountains was amazing.
         I spent 4 days in NY, waiting for my flight back to Poland.
         First thing what I did when I get back was drinking a good polish beer, and eating polish food. It was amazing trip. I want to be back in Alaska some day (and California too. )

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