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After I get back from Alaska I moved to Ireland. First I worked on golf field... cutting grass all day long as Forest Gump, listening some classic radio station... was fun. Later I found a job in my field. I worked as a service engineer for Treatment Systems Kilkenny. We were doind DBO project for water plants for co. Sligo and co. Galway (11 sites in Sligo and 14 in Galway). That was the best job as I ever had. I worked in my proffesion, I learned a lot. I had company van and cell phone. And free weekends with free petrol !!!. I meet lots of nice people. See some photos.

                                    IRELAND '06

                                    Operacja Tregra - Cork '06

                                    Wyprawa na Carrantouhill z Sebastianem '06

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